A Beautiful Celebration, a Successful Fundraiser, a Salute to the Past...and the Future!

Monday, Sept. 12, 2016 will long be remembered as a spectacular celebration of our Club's 100th anniversary. The sunny, warm day on the links and courts, the wide array of special auction prizes, the special program moments that included an invocation by Art Holst and a Rotary Minute by Al Storey, the premier of a new song by Jim Irwin especially for the event...and many more memories appreciated by the 350 attendees...all contributed to the special occasion. Master of Ceremonies concluded the evening with a toast to the Club's future, "to our grandchildren's grandchildren's granchildren in 2116!"

It's Time!! Celebrating 100 Years, Golf, Tennis, Auction, Gala!!

September 12--We're ready to celebrate, complete with great entertainment, special dinner, and a brand new Rotary song!! Here's the link to all the details.

Celebrating Our Club at 100 Years!!














It's our Club's Centennial Year! See our special gift to the community. Read about our history. Watch for celebrations. We're proud and humbled to live by Rotary's motto, "Service Above Self," in our community and in our world. 

Rotarians GIVE!

President Ashish reported recently on our Club’s annual giving, another heart-felt example of Service above Self.

*     217 Rotarians gave a total of $43.1K to our community allocation program.

*     93 added $18K to the endowment fund

*     98 donated $11.7K to "Every Rotarian Every Year"

*     65 added $10K to PolioPlus

*     43 achieved Paul Harris fellowship, 5 for the first time

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