Why is our newsletter called The Harpoon?

A few days since, I chanced to meet an envious, though highly respectable, non-Rotarian of Ann Arbor, who pounced upon me thus: “Why are you Rotarians always blowing your own horns so loudly?” asked he. “Because,” said I, “nobody else seems inclined to do it for us either so clearly or so effectively.” “Well,” challenged he, “why do you style your weekly news-letter The Harpoon?” “Because,” replied I in an unruffled manner, “a harpoon is the only proper and effective implement to use in dealing with truly big fish. No doubt if the fry we designed to catch were of the class to which you obviously belong, suckers instead of whales, a hook would be the appropriate tackle to employ.” From The Harpoon, October 16, 1918