Founders and Early Members

Fifteen charter members founded our club in 1916, only 11 years after the first Rotary Club was organized in Chicago. Led by Dr. Theron S. Langford, members included Rev. Lloyd C. Douglas, pastor of the First Congregational Church, Harlan H. Johnson, editor of the Ann Arbor Times News Company, Charles A. Sink, Secretary of the School of Music, and Shirley W. Smith, Secretary of the University of Michigan. The regular weekly luncheon meetings were held at the Catalpa Inn (corner of Ann Street and Fourth Avenue); the club left the Catalpa Inn when the Michigan Union opened. Through the years, membership has grown. At year-end 2011 (June 30), our club membership stood at over 310. We are one of 33,000 Rotary clubs worldwide, 49th largest in the world and the largest in Michigan.

Left: Ray Aaron Dolph, one of our club's earliest members.




Charter Members:
Horatio Abbott
Arthur Brown
George Burke
Henry W. Douglas
Lloyd C. Douglas
Lewis M. Ellis
Harlan H. Johnson
Theron S. Langford
George Millen
William Underdown
Herbert A. Williams
Daniel Zimmerman
Other Early Members:
William Aiken
John Allen
Philip Bartelme
James Breakey
Robert A. Campbell
Louis Hall
I. D. Loree
John Schlee
Burt F. Schumacher
Edward Seyler
Durand W. Springer
Harry Tillotson
W. W. Wadhams