Paul P. Harris Fellows

 2014-2105 Awardees. This year's class numbers 82 with 20 first-timers. Overall, 170 of our club's 325 Active Members are now Paul Harris Fellows. Our members have given a total of almost $840,000 to TRF over the years. Here is the list:

John Ackenhusen, Dave Anderson, Bob Ause, Dan Balbach, Bruce Benz, Dale Berry, Fred Beutler, Rob Boehnke, Ian Bund, Marsha Chamberlin, Michael Cole, Wayne Colquitt, Tom Conlin, Jim Cook, Wendy Correll, Millie Danielson, John Debbink, Ray Detter, Rick Detweiler, Don Devine, Arthur Di Blassio, Elaine Didier, Dallas Dort, Mel Drumm, Mike Dubin, Barbara Eichmuller, Cheryl Elliott, Dick Elwell, Beth Fitzsimmons, Claire Foley, Carl Frye (deceased), Paul Geiger, Ginny Geren, Paul Glendon, Jerry Gray, Betsy Hammond, Larry Hastie, Larry Henkel, Downs Herold, Maurita Holland, Art Holst, Joyce Hunter, Ahmar Iqbal, Rob Juergens, Dave Keosaian, Todd Kephart, Gloria Kerry, Karen Kerry, Dave Kinsella, Mal Lowther, Bernie Lugauer, Reno Maccardini, Tom Millard, Roy More, Bob Mull, Rob Northrup, Chuck Olson, Mark Ouimet, Josie Parker, Bob Pehlke, Pat Pooley, Rick Price, Agnes Reading, Dave Reid, Dan Romanchik, Ashish Sarkar, Dave Schmidt, Steve Schram, Ann Schriber, Leo Shedden, Ingrid Sheldon, Brooks Sitterley, Cynthia Sorensen, Mary Steffek Blaske, Bill Stegath, Greg Stejskal, Al Storey, Bob Swistock, Jody Tull deSalis, Doug Weber, Lyn Welch, Susan Westerman and Dave Williams.


Past awardees:
Anonymous (Many)
C Philip Alexander
Henry A Amble
Herbert Amster
David G Anderson
Robert M Bachteal
Daniel Balbach
Lloyd Bastian
Bruce Benner
Suzanne Beutler
David C Blough
Ralph O Boehnke, Jr
Robert A Buchanan
Alphonse Burdi
F Douglas Campbell
William Chase
Wayne N Colquitt
L Thomas Conlin
Gregory Cook
James W Cook
Arthur F Coxford
George Cress
Lee Danielson
Millie Danielson
John D Debbink
Don Devine
Elaine K Didier
John S Dobson
Stephen Dobson
William T Dobson
Dallas C. Dort
John Edman
Richard F Elwell
David K Felbeck
Christopher R Fischer
Raymond Fitzgerald
C Beth Fitzsimmons
Joseph Fitzsimmons
Carolyn P Flynn
H Halladay Flynn
Robert B Foster
Terry Foster
Roger W. Fraser
Anne Glendon
Paul Glendon
Jerry M Gray
Harvey P Grotrian
Herman H. Halladay
L Walter Helmreich
Norman Herbert
J Downs Herold
Clarence E Heerema
Elizabeth P Hines
Robert R Hoffman
John Holland
Maurita P Holland
James R Irwin
Michael H. James
Daniel Johns
Henry Johnson
Adam Kozma
Edward R Lady
Gregory Lafollette
Roland O Leeds
Reno Maccardini
Milan Marich
David R Matthews
Paul W. McCracken
R Griffith McDonald
David McDowell
Edward A. McLogan
H Dean Millard
David Milling
James F Montgomery
Sang Y Nam
Dewey H Noland, Jr
John E Oberdick
Charles Olson, Jr
Mark C Ouimet
Robert Pehlke
Patricia Pooley
Gerald J Prescott, Jr
John R Edman
Donald Robinson
Thomas Roach
Loren Rullman
Judith Dow Rumelhart
Ashish Sarkar
David W Schmidt
Carolyn S Shear
Brooks H Sitterley
John W Smillie
Cynthia J Sorensen
Robert Tisch
Lyndon Welch
W. Scott Westerman
David B Williams
G Brymer Williams
Peter S Wright