Ambassador of Goodwill Award

Ann Arbor Rotarian and Ambassador of Goodwill Award founder Phil Alexander displays the logo. More than 100 Rotarians and Rotaractors in District 6380 have received the Award that honors those Rotarians who travel to another country at their own expense to further the goals and objectives of Rotary. 

Learn more! Click above on “All AGA Files” and then on document B11. If you are in District 6380 and qualify for the award, please fill out the application (item A8). If you are not from District 6380, we urge you to seek adoption of our AGA program; please see item A, AGA Getting Started.   

AGA Awardees from the Ann Arbor Rotary Club 

Elaine Alexander
Phil Alexander
Fred Beutler
Sue Beutler
Tom Conlin
Jim Cook
Anne Glendon
Jim Martin
Pat Pooley
John Rasmussen
Ashish Sarkar
Len Stenger
Lois Stenger

AGA Awardees from the UM Rotaract Club

Noam Kimelman
Jamie Walsh
Valerie Wang