Annual Reports

Annual Reports

Annual Reports and related materials for last year and past years are available for viewing or download below.  If you need a report for years not listed, please contact the Club Administrator

2015-2016  Ashish Sarkar, President

2014-2015  Karen Kerry, President

2013-2014  Maurita Holland, President

2012-2013. Len Stenger, President

2011-2012. Nishta Bhatia, President Endowment Addendum to donor list

2011-2012. Changeover Slides, June 2012.  Nishta Bhatia, President

2010-2011Addenda.  Beth Fitzsimmons, President 

2009-2010. Lou Callaway, President

2008-2009. Jim Cook, President

2007-2008. Al Burdi, President

2006-2007. Ingrid Sheldon, President

2005-2006. Norman Herbert, President

2004-2005. Paul Glendon, President

2003-2004. Joe Fitzsimmons, President



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